A next-gen open ecosystem for optimisation

An optimisation solver for everyone, 100 times faster than open-source. Well-tested APIs. Self-improving algorithms. Professionally maintained. No “contact sales”. No trials. Sign up and start solving in 60 seconds.

It’s free. And always will be.

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A new generation MINLP solver that guarantees global optimality. Experience a solver that does the math for you.

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Use the Octeract Reformulator API and harness the language we designed to write Octeract Engine.

A New Experience

We know all about the snags users face when using optimisation software. At Octeract, we believe that user-friendliness matters. That’s why we’ve focused on creating a smooth user experience.

We’re doing things differently. Our technology is built with user interaction in mind. Unlock the power of Octeract Engine with a free trial. No glitches. Just seamless solving.

Why a Global Solver?

Global solvers are the Jedi Knights of the optimisation galaxy. Octeract Engine isn’t your average solver. This technology:

solves ANY optimisation problem
is user-friendly
does ALL the maths so you don’t have to
is one solver for EVERYTHING
guarantees a global optimal solution

It just works. Need we say more?


Built-in reformulations


High performance algorithms


Octeract specialised solvers


Modelling languages

Solve with Octeract Engine, it’s free!


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