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Problem types

Octeract Engine can solve the following types of problems to global optimality out of the box. Note that the engine links to third-party solvers to solve (MI)LP problems (CBC/CPLEX/Gurobi), as well as local NLP problems (IPOPT).
*Currently there is no known way to guarantee global optimality for black box problems.


Octeract Engine outperforms all MINLP open-source software, as well as many commercial ones, over a wide spectrum of problem types. The engine has been benchmarked by Prof. Hans Mittelmann, e.g., for Binary Non-convex Quadratic problems. More of his QPLIB benchmarks can be found here.

Octeract Engine on HPC

Octeract Engine massively accelerates state-of-the-art algorithms to solve problems with blazing speed. Our proprietary parallel branch-and-bound algorithms achieve linear speedups, even for very large numbers of cores.
parallel computing
For our HPC benchmark we included all problems in MINLPLib, PrincetonLib, QPLIB, and CoconutLib, as well as some really tough user-submitted problems.

Main features

Octeract Engine is a massively parallel deterministic global MINLP solver. It is the only MINLP solver with parallel branch-and-bound, and it is also the only commercial optimisation solver with native support for distributed branch-and-bound.

Some of its main features are:
  • Distributed branch-and-bound
  • 9 types of cuts (discrete and continuous), also distributed in parallel
  • 23 primal heuristics. Does not need starting points
  • Built-in high-peformance symbolic engine
  • Automatic detection of problem type, including convexity
  • Local mode: can be set to terminate once the first feasible solution is located
  • Interfaces with all major frameworks and commercial solvers
  • 80+ options to fine-tune the solver's behaviour
  • It actually tells people what it does

Free to use

We built this solver because we love doing it, and we want as many people as possible to use and enjoy it. Therefore, the engine is also the only commercial solver that is free to use in serial mode with no limitations on problem size.

The engine is very popular (as you can see on NEOS), which puts heavy load on our servers, so you might experience a bit of authentication lag on startup with the Community Edition since we have a queueing system in place. The paid versions interact with dedicated servers so there's no lag there.

Download Octeract Engine

Latest Version: 4.3.0
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If you experience any installation issues for your environment, email us at [email protected]


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Our Clients

Octeract Engine is installed on numerous HPC clusters around the world, such as:


Arizona State
Czech Technical University
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Imperial College London


The University of Sheffield
University of Surrey
University of Wisconsin–Madison

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