The Octeract Story

The world sees complex problems. We see solutions.
The Octeract journey began at Imperial College London where Nikos Kazazakis and Gabriel Lau, PhD students at the time, were getting tired of the unnecessary complexity of doing mathematical optimisation. Users have been required to do so much more than write a correct model. As Nikos pitched to Gabriel at the time:

Just because most of optimisation is NP-Hard, it doesn’t need to be actually hard.

We have all been there and we know the amount of work involved. Today, we associate doing optimisation with a lot of time-consuming technical actions, such as writing and interfacing with a lot of ugly code, understanding complicated data structures, and dealing with thousands of edge cases. This defies the purpose of optimisation: to make things better. This barrier between users and optimisation shouldn’t exist.

Enter Octeract. With our founders’ barrier-breaking vision in mind, we strive to create a user experience where people can seamlessly solve any optimisation problem. We do this by automating repeatable tasks, protecting users from easy-to-make (but hard to trace) mistakes, building powerful user-friendly APIs, and ensuring that the task of finding optimal solutions is simple. Oh, and our software does all the symbolic math automatically.

We do all the hard work so users don’t have to. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


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Octeract in a Nutshell

Our Mission

Octeract’s mission is simple. We aim to help people use mathematical optimisation as easily as they can code Hello World!. This is the reason we come to work every morning and it is the inspiration behind everything we do.

Our Values

We value people and innovation through technology. Octeract values the people behind the product and new ideas that propel the evolution of technology forward. This is at the heart of our company culture. We are also the kind of people that can get really excited about two interesting lines of code.

Our Beliefs

Octeract’s belief system is simply to make optimisation technology easy. At Octeract, we care about the advancement of science and the growth of our field. No jumping through hoops required.

Our Promise

At Octeract, we promise to go above and beyond to provide products that make optimisation easy. We are also committed to delivering on the promise of technology that is user-friendly. Octeract takes promises seriously and we don’t intend on breaking them. That’s a promise.

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