Octeract DGO engine

A unique, one-click optimisation engine that always finds the best (global) solution to general, mixed-integer, non-linear, non-convex problems (MINLP):

P  : \underset{\widetilde{x}\in X,\widetilde{y}\in Y}{\min}&f(\widetilde{x})  \nonumber\\
\textrm{s.t.}~ &\widetilde{g}(\widetilde{x},\widetilde{y})\leq \widetilde{0} \nonumber\\
&\widetilde{h}(\widetilde{x},\widetilde{y})=\widetilde{0} \nonumber\\

The Octeract DGO engine implements cutting-edge research in deterministic global optimisation (DGO). DGO is the science of guaranteeing global optimality for general non-linear problems. However, this guarantee comes at a cost: DGO problems are very computationally expensive and, until now, it was not known how to exploit more than one core to get the guaranteed global solution faster.

The Octeract DGO engine implements unique algorithms for parallel DGO, developed by its founding team: it is the first DGO engine that can use GPUs and thousands of processors. This reduces solution times, from thousands of years to mere minutes.

The Octeract DGO engine is pioneering software - no optimisation engine exists that can solve the problems that this engine can to guaranteed global optimality.


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