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You can also contact our sales team directly at [email protected].

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Licence Plans for Octeract Engine

Commercial Basic

  • Personal licence
  • Can be used for R&D
  • Single machine use only
  • 16 CPU cores maximum
  • Support via remote desktop

Academic Cluster

  • Personal licence
  • Cluster\network licence
  • Can be used for R&D
  • Unlimited machines
  • 96 CPU cores maximum
  • Support via email


  • Personal licence
  • Cluster\network licence
  • Production licence
  • Unlimited machines
  • As many cores as needed (up to an unlimited number of cores)
  • Extreme mode
  • On-site\remote desktop support

If you have any questions about the plans or any general concerns, you can book a consultation with one of our optimisation experts.

Octeract Custom Solvers

If none of the available plans for Octeract Engine suit your needs, we build custom solvers on-demand.

Custom Solvers


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