Case Studies


Heat Exchanger Networks

Conventional optimisation requires three problems to be formulated and solved to minimise the cost of designing a heat exchanger network. With the Engine, the formulation of a single NLP can be solved.

Investment resized

Portfolio Optimisation

Octeract Engine found the best combination of assets by solving a multi-objective function, considering discontinuous constraints while building cardinality constraints automatically.

Bidding Optimisation Resized

Bidding Optimisation

What is the best combination of item amounts and vendors to minimise the total cost of purchasing a required item, in bulk? This is where it is provided by different vendors.

Case in Point

A case study offers great, practical insight into the tangible benefit of global optimisation. We live in a world where problems are non-linear and finding the best solution is complex. Case studies fearlessly tackle such problems head-on. Global optimisation is a game-changer. We’ve got the case studies to prove it.

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