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What’s new in Octeract Engine v1.9.0 ?

This version of the Engine comes with major improvements in runtimes for large-scale problems, performance optimisations and algorithmic improvements in existing techniques and introduction of new cutting-edge techniques. Major algorithmic improvements have boosted feasibility rate by 5%, locating feasible solutions for 91% of 3,016 library problems using 1 core and a 30 min timeout.

  • Major performance improvements in the presolving and preprocessing steps, reducing runtimes for large-scale problems by up to 5x.
  • Ability to run the preprocessing steps in parallel.
  • Strong MILP relaxations for MINLPs are turned on by default, boosting global optimality rates.
  • Significant algorithmic and performance optimisations for primal heuristics, leading to large improvements in finding good feasible solutions for MINLPs.
  • Introduced a high-performance parallel dynamic cuts framework for handling both locally and globally valid cuts.
  • Performance optimisations for existing domain reduction techniques, reducing runtimes for large-scale problems by up to 20x.
  • Major algorithmic improvements, including the introduction of cutting-edge mixed-integer cuts, novel domain reduction techniques and hybrid branching strategies.
  • Introduced a new logging framework that supports all functionality needed for robust, controllable and cryptographically protected logging.
  • Increased robustness due to various bugfixes, major code refactors and an extensive end-to-end testing framework.

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You will need a valid licence to use Octeract Engine.

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You can now use Octeract Engine to solve your problems. If you need help with getting started on this or need to browse the documentation, we can help.

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