Octeract Engine Licences

You will need a licence to test and to use Octeract Engine. Claim it below.


Octeract Engine is free for all academics. The Engine is used in over 40 universities around the world.

What you get

  • a free personal licence for non-commercial use that can be used by students, faculty and staff at a degree-granting institution on a single, designated machine.
  • the ability to use the Engine in parallel mode with a maximum of 16 CPU cores.
  • unlimited number of variables and constraints.


Octeract Engine can use up to 96 CPU cores in parallel to find the global solution to a problem.

What you get

  • the ability to use the Engine on a single machine in parallel mode with a maximum of 96 CPU cores.
  • the global solution to the problem. Every time. Guaranteed.
  • the ability to handle any type of maths including discontinuous and non-smooth functions.

I Have the Licence! What’s Next?

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You’ve got your licence and downloaded the Engine. If you need help to get started, solve your first problem or want to read our documentation, we have more resources available.

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