Octeract Reformulator

Octeract Reformulation Language (ORL)

The Octeract Reformulator is the first compiler of its kind.  It has the ability to simplify any optimisation problem, making it easier to solve. The Reformulator compiles ORL scripts. The Octeract Reformulation Language is a programming language that allows users to produce new math by writing code, rather than actually doing the math. The premise is simple: would you rather write a program by manually writing assembly, or by using a compiler?

What does it do?

Two words: automatic simplification. The Reformulator takes highly complex mathematical problems and converts them into a form that is easily solvable.  It is designed to enable you to do what you do better.  The Reformulator works with the Engine to enable seamless conversion of data insights into decisions. We have created a comprehensive outline of the Reformulator and how it can add value to your life.  At this stage, the Reformulator is not ready to be demoed. Perfection takes time. However, watch this space and get ready. The product is coming soon.