Operations Manager

About the Company

Octeract drives innovation in the mathematical optimisation industry and transforms how math modellers work and how they interact with optimisation solvers.

Mathematical optimisation is a fascinating market that has been growing exponentially for the last 20 years. It is also a fundamental technology to make data-driven decisions, applicable across 40+ industries.

Octeract has developed Octeract Engine, the first off-the-shelf massively parallel global optimisation solver. Octeract Engine is a step change, both in terms of user experience and in terms of the problems that industries are now able to solve in production.

Our founding vision is simple:

  • Automate: knowledge intensive tasks that normally take months to complete can now be done instantly. We even built our own programming language to do just that.
  • Modernise: we exploit cloud architecture and coding innovations to build unique, click-and-forget solving technology.
  • Democratise: we lower knowledge barriers in using math-intensive technology stacks, through intelligent modelling tools and software innovation.

We enable users to work 100x faster, use state-of-the-art math with minimal knowledge, and we enable industries to rapidly solve optimisation problems previously thought impossible to solve.

About the role

You will work in a multicultural team of highly-skilled professionals, on a mission to give optimisation users a voice, and to build a community through technological innovation. 

Working at a startup is very fulfilling – every week we conquer yet another milestone, and everyone’s work matters, instantly.

As an operations manager, you will experience and support how products go-to-market. Later on, you will build teams and manage the company’s expansion and drive overall growth. You will help us build communities, develop and implement strategies, and grow our user base. You will help industries adopt an emerging technology stack, and you will enable thousands of people to seamlessly share technical knowledge, instead of spending months doing things from scratch every time.

Some of your responsibilities will involve:

  • Identifying and using technologies to automate the company’s operations
  • Formulating and executing business strategies
  • Providing administrative support to the executive team
  • Closely collaborating with the executive team to achieve optimal monetisation of the company’s products and services
  • Interacting with the company’s legal team to ensure compliance
  • Working with our channel partners and on corporate contracts
  • Designing and overseeing commercial experiments
  • Overseeing strategic hiring
  • Developing strategies for community building and user growth


  • You are detail-oriented
  • You have a good track record in an operations role at a start-up
  • You are a driven, intelligent individual, eager to engage in independent and collaborative activities alike
  • Figuring out how to get people to adopt new technologies is a puzzle that hypes you up

Good to have

  • Experience in go-to-market and product-market fit for new products
  • You have experience in the operational aspect of B2B agreements

If this sounds like the right fit for you, apply for the position by sending your CV to [email protected]

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