Success with a Single Solver

Octeract Engine is a unique solver. For every problem. For everyone. The Engine has the ability to successfully solve any problem. Find out how.


What Makes Octeract Engine Different?

The Engine is not your average solver. This post will outline twelve reasons why. Octeract Engine stands out by seamlessly solving complex problems.


Octeract Engine v0.10.16 has Arrived!

The latest version of Octeract Engine is here and ready to run. In this version, we focused on MINLP heuristics. Feasible solutions are found in no time.


Octeract Engine v0.9 Released

Following feedback from esteemed early adopters, Octeract Engine v0.9 is out! New, improved and waiting for you to try out.

new version of engine

Heat Exchanger Networks

Conventional optimisation requires three problems to be formulated and solved to minimise the cost of designing a heat exchanger network.

Heat Exchange Case Study Resized