about octeract

Octeract was founded by two Imperial College London PhDs, Nikos Kazazakis and Gabriel Lau. The premise was simple: optimization is extremely powerful, but unnecessarily complicated. Users need to know and do so much more than just to write a correct model. They need to write code, understand complicated data structures and interfaces in C, deal with edge cases, and the list goes on. In many ways, doing optimization today is the equivalent of writing assembly code in the 70s.
Imagine if you had to know how to write a web browser to use the internet. At Octeract, we figure out all the details so that no-one else will ever have to.
This means automating repeatable tasks, protecting users from easy-to-make and hard-to-trace mistakes, and making the daunting task of finding good solutions easy and more accessible than ever before.
If you are reading this, you can help us make optimization easy and accessible to everyone. Download our products, and tell us what you think!