What is the Octeract Reformulator?

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This post aims to provide an outline of the Octeract Reformulator by unpacking the purpose and value of the product to users.

This product outline of the Octeract Reformulator will include:

How it works
The value of it
Why it is a unique tool

Let’s get started.


What does it do?

The Octeract Reformulator does a lot of math so you don’t have to.  It’s a compiler that transforms any optimisation problem on command, making it easier to solve.  This is done by automatically generating and manipulating optimisation-specific mathematics.  This might sound quite involved and too good to be true, so let’s take a closer look at how the Reformulator works.

Some optimisation problems are easier to solve than others.  It is generally accepted that linear problems are more solvable than their non-linear counterparts.  We have the issue of living in a non-linear world. The oldest trick in the book is making a non-linear problem easier to solve by linearising it.  The Reformulator can do this automatically for any optimisation problem, powered by Octeract Abstract Symbolic Pattern Recognition (OASPR).

Basically, the process involves the software reading your mathematical problem, matching abstract reformulation rules to your actual math,  and automatically producing a new form of your mathematical problem. 

This is just as clever as it sounds. 

The Reformulator contains a library of reformulations which involve different actions to manipulate an optimisation problem.  These reformulations are typically the secret sauce that makes commercial solvers work as well as they do and, for the first time, this power is in your hands to use, expand, and customise.

In addition to using reformulations from the library, the Octeract Reformulator allows users to build their own libraries.  Reformulations from these libraries are easy to share and are fully reusable.  

Where’s the Value?

The purpose of the Reformulator is to make life easier for the user.  Reformulations work wonders on highly complex problems, transforming them into problems that are tractable.  Without the Reformulator, simplifying an optimisation problem is extremely challenging, if not impossible.  Manual manipulation of a problem is not only time-consuming but also very prone to human error.

Having these reformulations stored in a library makes problem simplification easily accessible, with a gateway to decades of research.  Users are able to quickly run different reformulations to identify which reformulation best simplifies the problem.

Essentially, the Octeract Reformulator saves the user time, minimises the risk of error, provides flexibility as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other users.

To top it all off, the Reformulator can perform transformations that are literally impossible to do by hand.

One of a kind

The Octeract Reformulator is unlike any other product.  It is unique in its status as a stand-alone reformulator which can be used with any solver.  The power of this tool lies in its automation capabilities and collaboration through the reformulation library.  

This compiler is intelligent in its ability to automatically scan for infeasible constraints, linearise or convexify problems and provide recommendations as to possible reformulations to use.  The user has the unique ability to leverage off the reformulation library and build their own library.  Every reformulation is remembered, can be added to, and reverted back to. 

The Reformulator does all the thinking, yet the user has control.

Flexibility and automation of this level are unparalleled.  

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